Chess Valley Walk – From Chesham to Rickmansworth (Walk for Londoners)

Do you live around the Chilterns AONB, or do you live close to London? If the answer is yes to one of those then why not visit the magnificent River Chess, and embark on the 10 mile Chess Valley Walk from Chesham to Rickmansworth. Both Chesham and Rickmansworth are on the metropolitan line, which means they are easy to get to for Londoners.

If you embark the route on a Wednesday or a Saturday you would be able to visit the Local Produce Market in Chesham. There is a picturesque church in Chesham, a clock tower and also a pond which is worth visiting. I filmed all of these in the video.

The River Chess source is just outside Chesham, however the route starts in Chesham. The Chess Valley walk starts on Church street as a small stream, and you walk down a path which leads to the Chesham Moor Gym and Pool, through Chesham moor (the river follows the edges of the moor). Visiting a lovely little waterfall and some stepping stones on the way. After about a mile and a half you have to walk on a footpath following the main road for a bit. After this you walk through some beautiful meadows – here there is a lot of elevation gain. You eventually reach Latimer, where just before arriving at the village you can once again see the river from the top of the valley. Here the River is a lot wider than at Chesham and there is some private fishing going on down below. Also just before Latimer you can see Latimer house. Latimer itself is a picturesque village with nice cottages.

After Latimer you will go through Belsize, where there is Crestyl Coffee – a great place for getting ice creams or coffees. Keep your eyes open for the alpaca that is nearby. There are plenty of paddocks of horses on this route and some spectacular views of the River Chess after Latimer, especially in between Sarratt and Chorleywood.

After leaving Chorleywood house grounds, you follow a narrow footpath that runs parallel to the motorway. It’s not the nicest path with lots of nettles either side. However once reaching loudwater this path improves and becomes very nice at Scotsbridge Mill, which is close to Rickmansworth.

After completing the Chess Valley Walk, I highly recommend visiting the scenic aquadrome at Rickmansworth.

I started this 10 mile walk not entirely sure if I could complete the full thing due to some knee pain I had. However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought and now that I’ve successfully completed this walk it opens up more potential walks for me in the Chilterns.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the video I created.


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