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If you cycle to explore like me, you get to see a lot of interesting stuff. And in my opinion you might as well capture this, so that you can look back on it in the future as many times as you like. Some would say if your taking photos all the time your not living in the moment. I can understand that argument but all you need to do with a gopro is push a button twice (to start & record). And you can view & admire the scenery or whatever it is at the same time. It’s not too much effort to bang out the camera either and take a photo.

I like photographing animals, and scenery (which is called landscaping).

This country is a great cycling country in my opinion. The infrastructure isn’t fully there yet but there is so much to see in the nation. Some countries like Ukraine or Russia would have large areas with not so much diversity in scenery, places etc so I’m very thankful to live in this country. I also live on the edge between London & Hertfordshire so I can explore the city as well as the country around it. Which I prefer the latter. Also in western Europe there is lots to see as with most of the European continent so happy that it’s so close. I like to get ferries to start my cycle trips in Europe.

I use a ZS100 Panasonic camera, which is a compact camera that I can conveniently fit in my pocket. Previously for a photograph camera I would just use my mobile phone but have decided recently I might as well pay for a new camera so I can get some better photos. I also currently have the GoPro hero 7. I hope to get the new one soon for it’s impressive stabilization.

I previously only like video photography but have become interested in general photography recently… it’s a change for me but am very much enjoying it.

Video photography & ordinary photography definitely motivates me to cycle.

On a bicycle you can get to see lots of interesting country roads and bike paths / offroad paths that you wouldn’t normally get to see. Also, you see lots more smaller towns that often have nice churches and stuff to take pictures of. I think cycling is a great way to explore and see a country. And as I say with a camera you get to record it all 🙂



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