Blog – Music & My best advice to get into Bicycle Touring!

This is probably an unusual post, but I want to talk about music today. Because it has helped me tremendously in my bicycle touring over the years, as well as just general cycling.

It gives me motivation when days or hours get tough. It helps with boredom, notably when I was cycling in wet rural Germany (from Munster to Hamburg – maybe the least interesting section of any bicycle tour I have completed). I don’t think bicycle touring would be as enjoyable if it wasn’t for the music I listen too.

Sometimes at home, what I do. Is just chill listening to music. Therefore I view it as this; You’re doing exactly the same thing as you doing at home listening to music while touring, yet your doing exercise and you do get to see some amazing stuff (even if at times scenery etc is boring). I think it’s amazing how much you can see through touring & the sense of adventure you can get from it. I recommend looking into it. I believe if I didn’t have a GPS, I wouldn’t have been so motivated for touring either. My biggest advice I can give someone is get a GPS, create some cool routes and get motivated to go on adventures like I did back in 2013! I’m still at it.

I am aware that music can be dangerous while cycling, especially on busy roads. I generally listen to music through a speaker on phone etc as aresult, this enables me to hear traffic. I also have volume not so high generally, as I realise music taste is subjective – and I don’t like to be that sort of guy on the back of the bus playing their music in front of everyone 🙂 At times I will listen to music through headphones (smaller in ear ones). I realise this is more dangerous, and therefore do not listen to music on the high volumes. If cycling on roads, generally speaking I will only ever have one ear in. The left ear in the UK & Ireland will be in, as this enables me to hear passing traffic on the right. In continental Europe it is vice versa. From a legal perspective you are allowed to listen to music in this country while on a bicycle. However, I advise people to make a sensible judgement of whether or not it will be safe given the situation they are in. If you’re an off road path, sure. I don’t see a real issue. If you’re on the roads maybe take note of my advice above. Cheers!

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