Out & About – YouTube Series – How It Started

For anyone that might be interested; Why did I create a series titled “Out & About” on my YouTube?

Previously for every YouTube video that I created there was only one bicycle trip being shown on it (be it a: day trip, or a multi-day tour). I never had a video for a bunch of different unrelated cycle rides and other content.

How it began was I had footage from a few different rides in 2017, that were never quite good enough by themselves to be videos. Therefore in early 2018, I just decided that instead of not using these clips… I would change my approach to making videos on YouTube (at least for temporary purposes), and start collecting footage so that I could make one big compilation video, to utilise old footage.

I cycled a fair bit around the local area in early spring –  (St Albans, Amersham, Chesham, London Colney, Watford, Croxley Green, Gerrards Cross etc), and used the footage, as well as using footage from a private animal collection (that I volunteer at) and old footage that I mentioned above. I edited a video for all of this. The first one in my view turned out quite good, so I carried on with this new approach to making content.

I never successfully managed to make an interesting video of the animals from the private collection before this approach. I had uploaded odd clips of animals before on my RobCyclist channel, but they were boring on their own so I removed them.

I didn’t know what the hell to title the first video though, but I ended up calling it “Out & About”, and then the second one was Out & About 2, etc.  I have a depressive disorder, and recently had been through a big episode. Therefore I figured this catchy name might help me be more motivated to get outdoors – be it go on walks, car journeys with my dad to scenic places, or just to cycle anywhere and everywhere – so that I could film interesting stuff.

This was a great series to start, as it did actually encourage me to do plenty of exercise in 2018 – I often wanted more footage for the video I was creating, so embarked on more journeys. I was out in nature, volunteering with animals etc regularly. I read that being in green spaces & doing plenty of exercise are both really beneficial for your mental health.

Link to my Out & About Playlist – Watch in 4K;

10 “Out & About” videos were created.

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