London to Roscoff, France – Bicycle Tour Video

The second tour of 2018 was in Brittany, France:

The original intended plan was to cycle to Brest, which is the second largest city in the Brittany region of France. However I changed my mind while cycling to end in the port Roscoff as it would have been easier to return home after cycling. The reason for this is there is a ferry Service from Roscoff to Plymouth, and then a train which you can take bicycles on (providing you book in advance) back to London.

I wanted to cycle in Brittany mainly because of it’s coast. I hear Brittany is like France’s Cornwall. The photos I saw of it were amazing. And looking at cycle maps the cycle routes in Cornwall barely go to the coast, they mainly go in land and then maybe in a day you may see the coast two or three times. In Brittany you see it all the time as the Eurovelo 4 route hugs the coastline.

I really recommend this route, beautiful views. But very hilly and challenging. I realised this before cycling this adventure, and as a result compared with other bicycle tours I have completed the average mileage per day for this one was by far the lowest. I have a view anything over 1000 meters climbing a day should make you consider dropping the mileage down. I enjoyed each day, and had a lot of time in the evenings at hostels / campsites, as I did not want to cycle too much per day. Great tour.


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