London to Frankfurt, Germany – Bicycle Tour Video

This was the first cycle ride I done in 2016. I really enjoyed the trip, it was so good that I would happily cycle it again… which I can’t say I would for many of my cycle tours. The route went through 5 countries, England, France, Belguim, Netherlands and Germany. I went through London, Dover, Dunqirk, Brugges, Ghent, Brussels, Leuven, Roermond, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Colonge, Mainz & Frankfurt.

The night before I left on this adventure – I wasn’t confident I could even complete one day of the ride due to a back injury I sustained in 2016. I said to my family bye and that they may see me back later that day…  I had this view as the evening prior to the tour I had a test ride around the local village, with all the panniers and gear on – I went up hills etc and my back muscles were spazzing out and I believed that my back wouldn’t allow all the extra weight that I was carrying…. luckily as the first day progressed I realised this wasn’t going to be a major issue. And it was barely noticeable after I got use to the weight on the back of the bike.

The weather was amazing, however as can be seen on the thumbnail of the video there was one day (or I should say one hour or so) with heavy rain. Other than that the weather was great.

I cycled along NCN cycle routes around London, and a pilgrimage route in Kent. In Europe I followed Eurovelo routes, national and local routes, the route was plotted so I would visit interesting cities & the country of Netherlands – which I had to go a bit north to visit.

Hope you enjoy!



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