London to Paris – Bicycle Tour Video

London to Paris was my first cycle tour that I cycled completely on my own in 2015. The ones prior to this I had biked with my father, or partially with my father.

It was the first time me cycling of mainland UK as well, and was therefore a big experience. The route itself was amazing, the avenue verte route that I followed on the french side was very well put together and included a lot of nice views and interesting french towns and countryside.  The first part of is was completely offroad, the route followed a converted railway line to a cycle track. And was all sign posted so it was hard to get lost (except for when entering Paris)

The ride itself took me four days.

Day 1)  Brighton

Day 2) Neufchatel-En-Bray

Day 3) Bray-Eu-Lu

Day 4)P aris

I had been planning and thinking of doing London to Paris for 2 years prior to 2015. And really am happy to have cycled it, many people do this London to Paris ride for charity. And I strongly recommend following the avenue verte route on the french side. I cycled along the downs link on the UK side as opposed to the AV route as have heard the UK part of the route isn’t that great.

Photograph of Avenue Verte that I took on the 4hr ferry to Dieppe – from a very nice Australian bicycle tourist.

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