London to Cork, Ireland – Bicycle Tour Video


London to Cork was the most recent cycle trip that I completed in September 2017. I would say the most scenic cycle ride I’ve done, and every day was interesting as opposed to some of my other rides (e.g. some days in Rural (western) Germany when I was cycling to Berlin weren’t the best — too much rain and boring views).

The route I followed was the Eurovelo 1 route across Wales & Ireland. In the Republic – the Eurovelo route was only realised a few months before. And in England I was cycling along the ridgeway, and some of Sustran’s national cycle network routes notably NCN route 4.

I camped in camp sites, stayed at youth hostels and I wild camped twice. I put my tent up right next to the sea in Ireland at a place called Kilmore Quay, I also chucked the tent up in some woods near to the Ridgeway bridleway path.

I met a few people along the way in hostels at Cardiff, Waterford and Cork. I would say i have social phobia so hanging out with new people was great. I tried to film as much stuff along the way as possible. I have a passion for filming and cycling and enjoy editing so that’s that.

I hope you enjoy the video.


Me in Duncannon, County Wexford

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