London to Berlin / Poznan – Bicycle Tour Video


London to Berlin was my biggest life achievement to date, and the most enjoyable thing I have done in my life. I started off this trip feeling way too stressed out from all the planning I done, but 3 days later I was in Netherlands. I started from my house, across North London, to Harlow, Colchester and then Harwich port – where I boarded the ferry to NL early morning. It was amazing how great the cycle infrastructure was in holland and I stayed at a youth hostel in den hagg with a turkish guy and and a canadian both funny characters. I remember the cycle route across the coast in netherlands well was really great views and sunny. I felt like I was in another world. Very different to the boring fields of essex.

I also loved Berlin and Hamburg they had a lot of interesting architecture and met some great people. I found rural Germany too be interesting on the main but initially when the weather for bad it was a struggle to carry on.

I was in Berlin for 4 days once I made it there I was unsure what I would do. I had planned a route from the german capital to Prauge, but I decided I wanted to carry on going east – the direction I had been travelling the whole journey. Instead of cycling to Prauge (which I done all my planning for) I thought screw it and went to Poland without any major planning. I found this way more interesting and more of an adventure for my 21 year old self.

Poland was very different, some consider this nation eastern europe some call it central europe. Either way it was a good experience, I was invited into some random guys home in Poland and i loved the country and its people.

The tour for me is very nostalgic.

Here are photos of two of the hosts that I stayed with in Poland:¬†Great people! I was nervous about staying with them, as never slept in a house of people I just met. However, I didn’t know where to camp and the first guy said to come to his house. The whole family were some of the mostly friendly people out there -in my view. A whole plate of food was served and made for me too chose from what I liked… they were opening up tins and all sorts. I felt I was treated like a king. They all had conversation with me. Offered to watch a movie and we did (with the guy who was same as age of me & his girlfriend). The parents drove off to get coff-medicine, as I had a nasty cough. I remember thinking polish sense of humor was amazing. They offered for me to stay at their other sons house that is in Warsaw (the capital of Poland). Next morning I said bye, and they made a comment if anything goes wrong on your travels to Poznan or beyond to call them up! Amazing helpful people, and was a great experience to stay with them.

>longest cycle ride to date.



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